[discontinued] Mira | Model (PC) (Dynamic Bones)

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This model does not support Physbones.

About Mira...

  • Clean, organized, and write defaults free SDK3.0 setup
  • Dissolve toggles
  • Two outfits
  • Mouth accessories
  • Eyewear (Fold, glasses, nothing)
  • Skull throwjoint
  • Custom menu icons
  • Bones and colliders where you expect (no legs/belly)
  • Dynamic bones performance toggle
  • AFK animation (sleeping)
  • Twist bones for ankles, legs, arms, behind, wrists
  • Modified locomotion layer with FBT locomotion toggle
  • Randomized cat ear flicks
  • Upload guide included
  • 100% PBR textured
  • Comes with Substance Painter files and all raw 4k textures

New Unity 2019 features!

• Global lighting multiplier slider to adjust lighting accordingly to the lighting of the world. Useful when you're too bright in a world / too dark!

• Global emission multiplier slider to increase/decrease the emission (glow) effect of the model. Useful when you'd like to glow a bit more or less!

• Monochromatic Lighting toggle. Keeps shading natural and not affected by world lighting. Imagine the "Rest & Sleep" world, but without the pink/purple light being cast on you.

Mira is fully compatible with DPS by Raliv!

  • Toys toggles
  • Hand boxes in either left or right hand
  • Mouth box, private box, and behind box.
  • Mouth box opens, mouth box side suck in, eyes close.

Important information, please read

  • The package does not contain a copy of Poiyomi Pro, DPS, or Dynamic Bones
  • Mira's compatibility with DPS requires that you own both Poiyomi Pro ( > 7.2) and DPS ( > v1.21). 
  • There are prefabs that do not rely on Poiyomi Pro & DPS, meaning that it is not required if you do not care about DPS.

Prefabs included are:

  • Mira POI PRO  + DPS + Penetrat0r
  • Mira POI PRO + DPS
  • Mira POI FREE + Penetrat0r
  • Mira POI FREE + No Penetrat0r
  • Mira POI FREE (no bad things)

...Confused about this? No worries, please feel free to contact me: Alc#0002


A big thank you to all the people credited. Many of you are also my friends, you guys are awesome.


Every single asset has been textured/retextured in Substance Painter and edited to my liking in Blender. 

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You'll get a unity package with 5 different prefabs. Please read "Important information" for more information.

Substance Painter project files
Raw 4k textures
Upload guide
Blend Files (2.9)
Exported FBX's
VRChat Performance Rating
Very poor (Not suited for events with VRC performance requirement on ≤ Poor)


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[discontinued] Mira | Model (PC) (Dynamic Bones)

96 ratings
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