Sarah Ruffle Outfit (Personal, Commercial)

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Sarah Ruffle set from my discontinued Sarah Model

Contains all the clothing that was on my Sarah model, offered as a complete set. I've taken the effort to atlas everything down to 1 material and optimized wherever I found necessary. You can optimize further if you prefer.

This was fitted to my old Pandaabear base edit, will need adjustments to fit to your base.


Contents (see pics below. feel free to check out Sarah's old gumroad page linked above, there are more pictures there of her clothing too)

  • Cute eye patch (1.402 Tris)
  • Cat Paw ear rings with ear chain (3626 tris)
  • Main set piece (47k tris)
  • Chest strap with bow (12 tris)
  • Shoulder ruffles (1.5k tris each)
  • Lower arm bands (1.4k tris)
  • Wrist ruffles ( 544 tris)
  • Wrist accessory ( 2704 tris)
  • Belly button piercing (296 tris)
  • Pantyhose with paw print underneath (13416 tris both together)
  • Pasties (576 tris)
  • Heels (22k together)

U can take whatever you'd like from this pack. Have fun!

  • Is fully rigged (including the chest strap bow and the skirt)
  • Contains one diffuse texture, normal map, roughness and opacity map. AO has been baked in.
  • For rendering preset I recommend using cutout + alpha to coverage + dithering. The diffuse has the opacity baked in so that also saves texture memory, in that case u can also scrap using the opacity map.
  • I recommend checking out the way the chest strap is rigged and advise copying this setup for good physics. A bone in the middle between and parented to the chest bone. Easiest way to rig would probably be to delete all the vertex groups of the clothing except the vertex groups for the bow and the skirt and then weight data transfer from your own base.
  • Also recommend using the blend file instead because bone sizes seem to get messed up when using the fbx instead of the blend file.

Terms of use

By purchasing this asset you automatically agree to the following terms:.

  • Can be used for personal as well as commercial use, if commercial license is purchased.
  • You may only use this asset for streaming, media and video creation of any kind if you have purchased the commercial license.
  • You may not resell, redistribute, republish this asset in its original format. Use it in a finished project when purchasing commercially.
  • You must provide credit to Alc#0002 and share shop link if purchasing commercially.
  • You cannot claim this as your own creation.
  • Refunds are not possible. If you purchase the asset and the transaction is completed, the order is finished and you are not eligible for a refund unless one is willingly offered.

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Sarah Ruffle Outfit (Personal, Commercial)

14 ratings