Selena (PC, Physbones)

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(Note: all preview pictures are renders. Be sure to check the feature showcase video/gifs to see how she looks in game)

Feature Showcase

Basics Features

  • Clean and organized package.
  • Twist bones in all major joints.
  • 7 different face gestures.
  • Write Defaults off completely.
  • Physbones: hair, breasts, behind, tummy, basically where it makes sense & colliders where you expect!
  • Assets textured in Substance Painter. The 4k textures in the project itself are already crunch compressed for a good balance between performance and quality. You can however choose to further reduce/increase the compression yourself if you'd like.
  • Fullbody ready and tested!
  • Bounding boxes has been edited so meshes do not disappear at certain angles.
  • Includes a SFW version!

Avatar Dynamics/physbones (everything is toggleable!)

  • Drinkable wine glass with actual liquid like physics. Take sips from the glass until it's empty. Drank the whole glass? Pull out a wine bottle to refill it! You can even give some to your thirsty friends and cling their glasses (sound) with your glass if they have the same avatar.
  • Touch based toggle to toggle all clothing. Press it again to toggle it back on. Anyone can interact with this! (only visible when you toggle it, so it's off by default until you toggle it yourself). You need to hold your finger / hand at the heart for a minimum of 4 seconds for the toggle to work. This is to ensure accidental toggling. You will see the heart glow the longer you hold it.
  • Lift her glasses with your hand to put the glasses on your head. Touch it again to bring it back down. (make a fist gesture when your hand is near the bridge of the glasses). Anyone can interact with this!
  • Heart ring appears when you hold other people's hand.
  • Eye squint reaction when you try to poke her eyes
  • Glass in her glasses can break if you hit it hard enough (makes a crack sound)
    • You can do this to yourself by default, but you can activate a toggle so that you won't be able to anymore. Others can still do so unless you disable this entirely.
  • Headpat her to make cute particles appear and make her tail wag.
  • Slap her from behind to leave your handprint on her and plays a clap sound. The sound that plays is randomized between 3 different unique sounds.
    • You can do this to yourself by default, but you can activate a toggle so that you won't be able to anymore. Others can still do so unless you disable the slap feature entirely.
  • Grab chest reaction that makes a blush.
  • Grab tail reaction that makes her annoyed.
  • Note: All avatar dynamic features have been tested on syncing properly to other users.

General 3.0 features

  • Cute randomized ear flicks (toggleable).
  • Body type can be toggled to toned and abs, so 3 different body types in total.
  • Pole that you can spawn world constrained.
  • VRLabs marker so you can draw.
  • Lace toggle that will make the bra and garter non-lace (non-see through).
  • Face camera that you can use to check your face expression (local only, toggleable)
  • Different color options for each clothing piece.
    • Black
    • Red
    • White
  • Many hue shifts sliders! (also applies after you swap a color option to red so you can hue shift it!)
    • Clothing hue.
    • Hair hue.
    • Eye hue.
    • Jewelry hue.
    • Body hue (tattoo).
    • Additional rainbow hue mode! (continuous hue).
  • "Candle Wax" toggle.
  • Peen toggle.
  • Body AO slider to tweak ambient occlusion (shading in occluded areas) if it's too dark.
  • Lighting Tweak slider that you can use to increase/decrease the brightness of your avatar.
  • Emission slider that you can use to increase/decrease the strength of your emissions.
  • Minimum brightness slider that you can use to limit how bright the avatar is.
  • Grayscale lighting toggle to make the avatar not affected world lighting colors. Imagine the "Void Club" world, but without the pink/purple light being cast on you.
  • Force fallback cube map toggle (default on)
  • AFK animation.
  • Modified locomotion layer.

Toggles (*d = dissolves)

  • Dress (after toggled removes the chest is lowered naturally)
  • Garter (d*)
  • Corset (d*)
  • Pasties
  • Bra (d*)
  • Chest Chains (d*)
  • Belly Chains (d*)
  • Cuban Chains (d*)
  • Neck Bands
  • Blindfold (d*)
  • Glasses
  • Chest Piercing
  • Panty (d*)
  • Boots (d*)


  1. Poi Toon 8.0.385 or Poiyomi Pro 7.3.46 (7.3.50) and 8.1090. It does not matter if you use pro or the free version of the shader. Both can be found in Poiyomi's Discord Server. Do not use Poiyomi 7
  2. VRChat creator companion.
  3. Unity 2019.4.31f1. If you do not have this set up, please follow the official VRChat Setting up the SDK guide!

The model will not work as intended if the above mentioned dependencies are not imported. Please do not use a different version unless the version is updated.

How to upload tutorial is included when purchased.

Terms of Use

By purchasing this model you automatically agree to the following terms:

  • This avatar is not to be uploaded as public.
  • Refunds are not allowed. If you purchase the asset and the transaction is completed, the order is finished and you are not eligible for a refund unless one is willingly offered.
  • You may not take anything off of Selena that will be used in other projects.
  • You may only use this model for streaming, media and video creation of any kind if you have purchased the commercial license.
  • You may not resell, redistribute, republish anything on Selena. This includes avatar 3.0 / avatar dynamic systems.
  • Do not claim as your own.


Please click the hyperlinks to be redirected to the creator's webshop.

Body: Torinyan [Please do not resell or share the original base model]

Body base texture: Ying#6669

Face (including meshes & eye textures): Cici's type 3 Female by Cicieaaa#7777 [Please do not take this head off this model, you have to buy it from Cici to use it]

Hair: nikkie#0088

Hair Textures: Minichibi#0001

Ears & Tail: nikkie#0088

Glasses: Areonia#0333

Candy cane set: Torinyan [Please do not resell or share the original base model]

Wax Play Set: Torinyan

Heart Particles: VRC_Aruen#1830

Sensuous Tattoo's: Uni#1369

Game icons: (CC BY 3.0): Lorc, Delapouite & contributors. No changes were made.

VRLabs marker & World Constraint prefab: VRlabs Team

Main shader: Poiyomi#0001

VR Face Check system by Rollthered

Particle Shader: MochiesCode

Everything else not listed above is 100% done by me

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll receive Selena's unity package which includes all versions.

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=== Public Version ===
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Avatar Materials (Excluding toys)
Toy materials (Removable if wanted)
Total Materials (18 are removable if desired)
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259 Mib
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Selena (PC, Physbones)

152 ratings