[discontinued] Sintharia | Model (PC) (Dynamic Bones)

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Meet Sintharia!


This model does not currently support Physbones, however this update is already being worked on right now!

  • Clean and organized package.
  • Twist bones for ankles, legs, arms, butt, wrists.
  • Dynamic bones: hair, chest, behind, tummy, basically where it makes sense & colliders where you expect!
  • 100% PBR textured in Substance Painter. The textures in the project itself are already compressed for performance and quality.
  • Model is fully made with the new metallics & specular workflow of Poiyomi shader since the old workflow is deprecated. This means that none of the lighting/reflection is faked through matcaps for example. All of her materials are as correct and realistic as can be. 
  • Fullbody ready and tested!
  • Expressions that can be combined with other expressions to create even more facial expressions.
  • Bounding boxes has been edited so meshes do not disappear at certain angles.
  • Comes with blend file. This is because re-importing the FBX breaks twist bones. Use the blend files when editing the model in Blender.
  • Extensive video guide included on how to upload.


(Open image in new tab and zoom)

  • Global lighting multiplier slider to adjust lighting accordingly to the lighting of the world. Useful when you're too bright in a world / too dark!
  • Global emission multiplier slider to increase/decrease the emission (glow) effect of the model. Useful when you'd like to glow a bit more or less!
  • Monochromatic Lighting toggle. Keeps shading natural and not affected by world lighting. Imagine the "Rest & Sleep" world, but without the pink/purple light being cast on you.
  • Lighting Preset slider to activate different lighting presets (Toon, Realistic, Wrapped, Skin, and Flat).
  • Scythe with particles on your back that you can equip to your hand (dissolves from your back into your hand). Can also freeze the scythe into place! Effect is togglable.
  • Hue shifts (hair, clothing and demonic features are on separate sliders) to change the colour as you like.
  • Invisible mode, pooof
  • Scythe world constraint, can use it like a pole to dance on if you want that.
  • Force Cubemap toggle to help out lighting when you're in a world with bad lighting.
  • Randomized wing flapping and tail wags (togglable)
  • Wet skin toggle
  • Wing customization! Can place it on your hip instead of your back, adjust size and change the idle animation.
  • Toggleable Audio Link support with a custom menu that allows you to set the focus band (in other words, what it is triggered by) to either bass, low-mid freq. high-mid freq, or treble of the music! Also includes a toggle that makes the emission of the model fully controlled by A-L, rather than adding upon the existing emission!
  • Throwjoint Pro with custom flaming skull!
  • Dynamic Bones toggle for performance.
  • AFK animation.
  • Modified locomotion layer with FBT locomotion toggle.


Accessory toggles ( d * = dissolves in and out)

  • Demon Mode transition from normal to demon
  • Outfit top (d*)
  • Underwear (d*)
  • Fishnets (d*)
  • Harness top (d*)
  • Harness bottom (d*)
  • Arm chains (d*)
  • Lace gloves (d*)
  • Horns (d*)
  • Tail (d*)
  • Wings (d*)
  • Glasses
  • Fold
  • Nose Bandage
  • Mouth Accessories
  • Pasty
  • Piercings 
  • Fangs 

Now includes a VRC Green version!

Sintharia is fully compatible with DPS by Raliv!

  • Custom penetrator toggle
  • Hand boxes in either left hand or right hand.
  • Chest box, mouth box, private box, and behind box orifices. 
  • Custom private box mesh (default one on Pandaabear's base replaced)
  • Mouth box opens, mouth box sides suck in, eyes close.
  • Private box does... private box stuff, you know, it opens.

Important information, please read.

The package does not contain a copy of Poiyomi Pro, (DPS), or Dynamic Bones.

Sintharia's compatibility with DPS requires that you own both Poiyomi Pro (latest version) and DPS (latest version).

There are prefabs that do not rely on Poiyomi Pro & DPS, meaning that it is NOT required if you do not care about DPS.

Prefabs included are:

(P: Requires Poiyomi Pro; F: works with free poiyomi)

  • P: Full version with DPS & penetrator
  • P: Full version with DPS
  • F: Full without DPS & has penetrator
  • F: Full without DPS
  • F: Minimalized version (good for large events when you want to be semi-optimized. Good for dancing in events)
  • F: Public version (No-no parts cut out)

...Confused about this? No worries, please feel free to contact me: Alc#0002

Upload Guide

Uploading the model correctly is super important to have everything work as intended. Please do give this a watch if you're interested in learning more about this.


Please click the hyperlinks to be redirected to the creator.

TDA/Game rips free.

Every single asset has been textured/retextured in Substance Painter and edited to my liking in Blender. 

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Sintharia and cookies!

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[discontinued] Sintharia | Model (PC) (Dynamic Bones)

90 ratings